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Craft Promo has amazing opportunities for you! [Jun. 11th, 2006|11:22 am]
diy ad & link exchange
Hey guys,
Vanessa from Craft Promo again. I am excited to say that we will be attending the Punk Rock Craft Fair in San Diego California. This means HUGE opportunities for you!! The booth will be set up to advertise Craft Promo AND its contributors. Since you guys are all most likely not even in California this will be an amazing opportunity for you to get your word out to tons of other vendors as well as the visitors who will be there. I have a basic idea on how the booth will be set up. We will of course have a big sign that says Craft Promo and the website. On the table there will be promotional goodies (craft promo flyers, buisness cards, etc).. This is where I need you guys. I will need ATLEAST 50 samples to put together sample packages.. I am shooting for having atleast 100-200 sample packages. These sample packages will be sold to the people at the craft fair for anywhere from 3-5 dollars. These packages will have YOUR samples in them as well as your buisness cards and anything else you send along. As you can see, I am shooting for a large amount of sample packages, that is why im asking for ATLEAST 50 samples from you guys. anything over 50 is GREATLY APPRECIATED.. (After all, the more samples you have, the more the word gets out, right?)

There WILL be a deadline for these items. The deadline will be July 26th. That gives you WELL over a month to get your samples together. The craft fair will eather be the 29th or the 30th, whichever they choose for us. ANY samples I receive from now, and july 26th will be put into these packages.

Now, what if you CANT contribute samples? Dont worry, we do have a plan for you! :)

So, what if you cant come up with 50+ samples? I have a plan for you guys 2. There will be 3 plans:

  •  Since there will be alot of space on the table and nothing to put on it, Im offering to advertise, right in the open, if people dont want to buy packages for you. I will offer you space on this table (for flyers or brochures only, NOT buisness cards, as these will be put into the craft promo packages) for $5.00!! THAT IS CHEAP!! All you have to do is send me 50+ flyers or brochures (flyers must be atleast a half a sheet of a full paper or a full paper) and the 5 dollars.
  •  Second option will be advertising on OUR flyers. The front flyer will have all of our information. The back of the flyers will have your guy's information. You will be required to make your own graphic. It should be w=4 h= 2.5. There will be only 8 available. This will also cost 5 dollars. Since there are only 8 available I will need to know ASAP if you want this service. I MUST receive your graphic (through email) by July 20th. The money must be in my hands (or in paypal) by the 20th as well, so that I can have all the  flyers and such created by this time. REMEMBER, you must tell me now so that I can save you a spot! If you dont get your money in by then (and your graphic) the next person on the waiting list
  •  The last option is to add your URL only to the flyer. These will be at the bottom of the front cover. I will offer about 20 of these. They will be 2 dollars. 2 dollars for advertising at a huge craft fair! Isnt that great!? I MUST have your money (eather snail mail or paypal) by july 20th or I will not be putting your URL on the front page. Also, please let me know ASAP so that I can come up with some sort of layout for these flyers.
  • The cost of all of this will go towards the flyers..

Now, you are all wondering "well arent you a non profit organization?" YES! We are. So, what I will be doing with the money I get from all the sample packages (after paying for all the expences) is giving everyone who contributed SAMPLES (they have to be actual samples) a chance to win a nice chunk of the money. Depending on how many samples you sent and how many we sold you might have a chance to win 50-100 dollars.. WHO CAN BEAT THAT!?

If you want to participate in this, please go to http://www.craftpromo.net/join.html asap so that I can get a basic idea on what i will be dealing with here. If you would like to advertise and you cant contribute go to http://www.craftpromo.net/advertising.html And thank you if you read all this! Happy crafting! :)